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After my magic assembly performances, I often receive letters from students expressing their delight with the show, and naming their favorite tricksLearn magic free on this site, and use these tricks in your classrooms to elicit the same excitement from your students!

Here’s HAMILTONMAGIC’s TOP 10 LIST of audience FAVORITES, based on students’ remarks:

TOP 10 MAGIC illusions/tricks in my show

1) Vanishing birdcage (see video below)

2) Floating zombie ball

3) Fire to golf ball  (Kids– do NOT attempt this …DO NOT play with fire!)

4) Needle through Balloon

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5) Cards from mouth

6) Bird from Balloon

7) Coin shower

8) Color-changing Plumes turn into huge flower Botania

9) Appearing Flower bouquets

10) Double doves (2 doves appear together from nowhere!)


Here’s my grand FINALE that leaves them gasping … the NUMBER ONE kids’ favorite:


Magic is effectively teaching core subjects, and teachers can LEARN MAGIC FREE on my other posts on this website.  Just click on the CATEGORY tab to view them.


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