EASILY TEACH LANGUAGE: Pick a card, any card!


You can easily teach language using magic.  In this trick, how you express it determines your WIN at every turn!



Count out cards into three piles:

First stack:  3 cards (use any cards)

2nd stack:  4 cards (all 3’s from each suit)

3rd stack:  5 cards (any cards)


Then put each stack on top of the other (in order: 1st, 2nd, 3rd). Write the number “three” on a large piece of paper and fold it up.  You are now ready to start the show.



Welcome a volunteer to come up and help with the trick.  Announce that you will use your psychic abilities to predict which stack of cards he will choose. You can even write down the prediction in advance.

Ask the volunteer to imagine a number and really concentrate on it. Then close your eyes and “sense” what the volunteer is thinking. Finally, ask what stack he chose.  Whichever stack he choses, you open the folded paper and say, “That’s the ONE I predicted … see, I wrote down number 3!”

If he indicates the first stack, just count out 3 cards in that stack.

If he chooses the second stack, just show the cards are all “3’s.”

If he picks the third stack, say “I knew you’d pick stack number 3!

You can’t lose whatever they choose, because its how you verbalize it!


Pick a card, ANY card!

Pick a card, ANY card!



This trick is similar to the Color Bar Experiment, which is even more VISUAL with the large color chart included in our classroom teaching kit (4 tricks included).


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