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LEARN MAGIC FREE HERE: Top-10 List of Magic!

  After my magic assembly performances, I often receive letters from students expressing their delight with the show, and naming their favorite tricks.  Learn magic free on this site, and use these tricks in your classrooms to elicit the same excitement from your … Continue reading

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Alan McCormack developed strategies teaching mathematics with magic when he taught in San Diego schools, and he’s graciously sharing his skills with us here.  Try this fun one from his book “Magic and Showmanship for Teachers“.   By folding a square of paper in … Continue reading

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  This is an attention-getter for actively engaging students learning: With our high cost of living, and prices of goods getting higher everyday, it’s tough to make ends meet these days… Wouldn’t it be great if you could produce the money you … Continue reading

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LEARN EASY MAGIC TRICKS: Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my new blog encouraging teachers to learn EASY magic tricks for use in the classroom.  Teachers can use these VISUAL tricks to explain complicated principles of MATH, SCIENCE and LANGUAGE, as many students have problems learning in school. I’m a professional magician who … Continue reading

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USE MAGIC TO TEACH: “Brilliant performance” TIPS!

You can use magic to teach, but to do a brilliant performance that’s convincing, you must really PRACTICE, practice, practice before you show your trick. Magic can be performed ANYWHERE, in a theater, at home, classroom, even on a bus! … Continue reading

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TEACHER IDEAS: Clip-Chain Masterpiece!

Teacher ideas for learning in the classroom can evolve from everyday problems, like keeping track of your paperclips!  Even when paper clips are easy to lose, they can be found easily if they’re LINKED together…   EFFECT: Throw a bunch of clips … Continue reading

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EASILY LEARN MAGIC HERE: Shrinking Magic Wand!

Easily learn magic here on this blog using simple props like this one:   EFFECT: Your MAGIC wand SHRINKS in front of everyone, and finally disappears! You then re-APPEAR it out of a tiny matchbox!   PREPARE: Make ready a … Continue reading

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LEARN MAGIC FREE ONLINE: Walking Through a Piece of Paper!

In this site you can learn magic FREE online.  This is a simple but highly visual “MAGIC” trick for the classroom that elicits VISUAL “SPACIAL” thinking: Special THANKS! to Alan J. McCormack for this trick (reprinted with permission from “Magic and Showmanship for … Continue reading

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COOL MATH GAMES: How I discovered MAGIC could help teachers explain complicated subjects

Teachers, do you find it difficult to hold your students’ attention?   Wouldn’t it be fun to use cool math games, etc. to make classroom learning more FUN? For decades, I’ve used my magic to gain students’ attention in my school assembly programs.  … Continue reading

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