More fun easy science projects … A dark, ghostly form fills your bottle, looking just like a genie summoned by YOU! For this super VISUAL magic illusion, you’ll need 2 soda bottles, paper towel, black ink, and hot + cold water.



Fill one bottle with HOT tap water, and fill the other with clear, COLD tap water, all the way to the top!

Add enough black ink to the HOT water to make it very dark. Leave tops open for the presentation.



Say to your friends or students that a genie hides in this darkened bottle, and you’ll summon it to come out. Put a small piece of paper towel over the clear bottle just before you turn it upside down over the top of the dark bottle. (The water stays in the upturned bottle, held in place by air pressure).

Pull out the paper towel from between the bottles as you “summon” the genie to come out of hiding…an eerily moving black spiral emerges from the lower bottle and rises to the clear bottle, which shocks everyone!


SCIENCE behind the magic:

Hot water is less dense than cold water, so it rises above the cold water, and the cold water in turn SINKS below the hot water! You can use this as an attention-getter before studying science principles, such as: what causes water in lakes to “turn over” during late Fall and early Spring (temperature influencing density of the water).


Classroom experiments can be just as potent as formal presentations

Classroom experiments can be just as potent as formal presentations

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