About me

I have a pension for “teasing” as my personality is all about having FUN!

I became interested in using my MAGIC skills to teach core subjects in classrooms…after performing magic in schools nationwide for decades. Teachers/administrators would call me in to get the students’ attention and bring a point across to them. With the magic I held their attention, and it actually helped my messages to SINK IN… the magic tricks were promoting learning!


How it all started

In grade school I was dyslexic, and didn’t learn well like the rest of the class and also suffered from stuttering.  I learned my first magic trick in woodshop class, and from then on, I practiced in front of anyone who would watch me do the trick.  I gained popularity despite my shyness and disabilities, and I never looked back!

My speech problems dissolved as I grew older, and I’ve been performing magic now most of my life … it’s been the source of my primary earnings for over 3 decades.

Wishing to help others with their struggles in school and motivate them to never give up on their learning, I started to tell my story using magic tricks at several schools. This evolved into a school assembly program with a motivational theme, which became popular nationwide.

Students nationwide have enjoyed my assembly program

Students nationwide have enjoyed my assembly program


Years later, I wondered if these magic tricks could also help students learn some difficult science and math principles, and started my research on that.  The tricks I gathered here on this website I’m hoping will help teachers,  students, or even YOU learn EASY magic while having FUN!

Click on the CORE SUBJECTS tab at top of page and choose which tricks you’d like to learn/perform.  Try some of these illusions/tricks, and let me know how they worked out?

John E. Hamilton

(A more detailed BIO can be found here: http://hamiltonmagicman.com/bio-about-us/)

Magician for your EVENT!

Magician for your EVENT!


To contact me for a magic show or an assembly program for your students, Email me:     hamiltonmagic@cox.net


Kids have fun learning with magic "drama"

Kids have fun learning with magic “drama”


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