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Drama adds much to the finish of a magic trick!

Drama adds much to the finish of a magic trick!

Welcome to my new blog encouraging teachers to learn EASY magic tricks for use in the classroom.  Teachers can use these VISUAL tricks to explain complicated principles of MATH, SCIENCE and LANGUAGE, as many students have problems learning in school.

I’m a professional magician who has been very fortunate to practice my craft in school assemblies nationwide for over 2 decades. Not only do magic ILLUSIONS grab students’ attention, they also ENTERTAIN and can EDUCATE as well. Sometimes, they can even UNRAVEL complicated principles in the CORE subjects of math, science, and language. Or help you learn how ELECTRONICS really work!

Many students learn better with visual cues or hands-on learning. As art enrichment for the schools, and tying the magic arts into core subjects like science, math and language, these suggested tricks came from library books and select magic titles you can puchase online and USE to help kids LEARN:

Telling students how they can make their own magic in school

Telling students how they can make their own magic in school

Try this simple MAGIC-SCIENCE example: “Magician” teacher asks student to pierce an apple using a straw. Students can’t do it, as the flimsy straw bends. Yet when the teacher/magician stabs at the apple with his/her straw, it penetrates! The trick is SEALING the air in the straw with your thumb over it, as you strike at the apple. And the SCIENCE principle behind it is: air pressure sealed in the tube (straw) reinforces the straw as if it were a solid object, therefore enabling it to penetrate the apple! Very visual, and fun to demonstrate…



Click on “SCIENCE” category (TOP of page) to see all the science tricks I’ve posted here. Or click on MATH category, or LANGUAGE (reading) TAB to find those results. I’ll keep adding ideas as time goes on. Please COMMENT below:  I’d love to hear about your experiences trying out these tricks!

This NEWS clip (below) from my early days performing in schools tells why I became involved in motivating kids and have done so for over 25 years now:

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